8Di Action Ride


Bigfoot’s 8Di Action Ride provides players with an amazing and totally immersive interactive gaming experience, complete with 8D interactions. The 14-seat theatre houses off-road mini bikes that the players sit on, along with laser guns, 3D glasses, sound effects, and interactive motions to go along with the film. These components all add up to create a really magnificent experience for anyone in attendance. With multiple movies to choose from for the experience, guests will be able to chase villains in the Wild West, help Bigfoot escape, or even fight zombies. This unique experience is unlike any other you’ve heard of.


Details Coming Soon


How many movies are at the 8Di Leadslinger Cinema™?

-We have three different movies to choose from

What time does the cinema open?

-We open daily at 10am, a new movie begins every 15 minutes.

Do we need to make advance reservations?


How long are the movies?

-Each movie is approximately 10 minutes long

Do you offer group or corporate discounts/rates?

-Yes, for more information click here